The Intuition Guidebook: How to Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense by Cyndi Dale

Do you ever feel “too sensitive?” Do you know things you aren’t supposed to know, hear what no one else hears, dream dreams that come true? Are you constantly absorbing others’ issues and getting tired of feeling like an energetic sponge? Cyndi Dale, one of the world’s foremost experts on energy and intuition, asserts you’re “not crazy,” but you are actually extraordinarily psychically gifted. You have only to train and hone this innate ability to transform it into a fulfilling path of joy, prosperity, and healing. But, how do you convert these challenging sensitivities into the remarkable gifts they really are?

Cyndi was born a “psychic sensitive,” able to sense, feel, hear, see, and know what to others wasn’t “real”, and has spent 30 years learning how to enhance and improve upon her natural gifts, traveling the world, studying ancient wisdom, culling truth from various spiritualities, and unraveling quantum physics. Throughout this ongoing research, Cyndi’s applies this knowledge to herself and the 30,000-plus clients she’s seen in her business as an intuitive healer. Now, she has created the first-ever guidebook to becoming truly intuitive—safely, ethically, rewardingly and happily. If you want to truly benefit yourself and others with your divinely-bestowed, but often challenging and confusing gifts, this book will teach and train you exactly how to do it.


“Dale (The Subtle Body; Advanced Chakra Healing) calls herself a “natural intuitive”—what most of us would label a psychic. In her new book,  she tries to help people like her deal with and control their abilities. According to Dale,  psychically sensitive people often know things they aren’t supposed to through hearing voices,  absorbing feelings from others,  or gaining knowledge through dreams. She writes that her intuitive development techniques and exercises should help budding psychics control their gifts and avoid becoming overwhelmed by them. By harnessing their intuitive sensitivity,  she argues,  psychics can create a new reality,  which Dale calls a seventh sense. VERDICT… this book is for those who believe they have a psychic gift and that Dale’s methods can help them develop or control it.”
—Mary E. Jones,  Los Angeles P.L.

Praise for The Intuition Guidebook

“Cyndi Dale’s work is outstanding! A practical and important guidebook for anyone interested in developing and exploring their intuition and psychic senses. Full of information and techniques that are clear, insightful, and user friendly. The Intuition Guidebook is an excellent way to safely open to levels of consciousness that are vital for achieving our next step in evolution.”
- Andi and Jonathan Goldman Authors of Chakra Frequencies

“Finally a guidebook that teaches us to hear the Still Small Voice within loud and clear. Cyndi Dale demystifies our innate ability to recognize the truth, showing the way with empathy and wisdom. Trusting your intuition never felt so good!”
- Pamela Des Barres Journalist (Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Details, The New York Times) and Author of four bestselling books, including I’m with the Band

“In The Intuition Guidebook, Cyndi Dale shows how to screen others’ energies from your own and shift from being ‘too sensitive’ to ‘truly magnificent.’ This life-changing, maybe even life-saving book is a masterpiece of sensible and transformational wisdom and exercises, all of which can stair-step you into your divine wisdom.”
- Gail Lynne Goodwin, Founder of

“The Intuition Guidebook is one of the most comprehensive, readable and practical books I’ve read on the subject of psychic development. Cyndi Dale is one of my favorite authors, and her vast knowledge and experience shines through in every page. This insightful book is aimed at people with no previous knowledge of the subject, but more advanced students will learn from it, too. Highly recommended.”
- Richard Webster author of over 100 books including Seven Secrets to Success and Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

“Cyndi Dale’s new book, The Intuition Guidebook, takes us on a journey through more than just listening to that ‘still small voice’ that many of us experience. It is an all out, directly written guide to enhancing our psychic/intuitive abilities, whether you are new to this or have walked this path for some time. Through Cyndi’s quest to discern her own gifts, she has given us language for the many things we ‘feel, see or hear,’ that don’t seem from the normal realm. The principles in her book help to explain why we feel a certain way around others, hear or see visions that come true, and even how to ground and clear ourselves when they do occur. Cyndi’s writing is brilliant, and I highly recommend this book. Believe me, you will walk away with amazing information that will change your life forever.”
- Patty Peterson, Award-Winning Singer, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Personality

“The Intuition Guidebook is a book of lived experience. Cyndi Dale grew up trying to make sense of her own intuitive gifts and ended up living a life of service. This book is the latest proof of that, as she takes the reader by the hand and leads them to a place of understanding, purpose, and joy in their intuitive gifts.”
- Joan Steffend Brandmeier, Radio and Television host and author of …and she sparkled

“Are you sensitive to everything and everyone around you? Do you feel you are intuitive, but have had trouble managing these gifts in a constructive way? Have you read other books on intuition or psychic abilities, but felt they just weren’t telling the whole story? Then look no further, this is the book you have been waiting for. Quite simply, this book is a gem for anyone that feels they are intuitive and needs guidance on how to live with this, and utilize it.”
- Lisa Erickson, Buddhism editor for, and Amazon Top 1000 reviewer

“A most timely, comprehensive and valuable resource for so many out there, who feel misunderstood… especially at this remarkable time of the Earth’s great changes and human evolution. Cyndi Dale lovingly invites each one of us to fully embody, embrace and understand our gifts, spiritual abilities and divine nature. She teaches us how to not just survive, but to thrive and be ourselves in our fullest expression. Cyndi is truly an expert on the Chakra energy systems and this book most brilliantly exemplifies Cyndi’s vast knowledge and experience.”
- Evita Ochel, Author, Teacher, and Founder of

“Cyndi Dale writes with eloquence, passion, and a depth of wisdom that comes only from personal experience. This inspirational and practical book will not only help you to understand and develop your intuitive abilities, but will also guide you to create a life of lasting spiritual purpose.”
- Ainslie MacLeod, Author of The Transformation: Healing Your Past-Life Fears to Realize Your Soul’s Potential

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