Founded by creative business strategist and soulful business consultant Anthony J.W. Benson, Deeper Well Publishing was created as a unique publishing and multimedia company to assist seekers of all backgrounds and beliefs to expand their minds and explore the depths of health, consciousness, and spirituality.

It is our desire to help you deepen your quest for knowledge, and enhance your quality of life. We welcome you to dive in and explore the deeper well with us.

About Deeper Well Publishing Founder Anthony J.W. Benson

Anthony J.W. BensonAnthony J.W. Benson has mastered the art of merging soul and business. As founder and Principal of injoi Creative and injoi Music and co-founder of Deeper Well Publishing, Anthony is a creative business strategist who specializes in working with authors, musicians and entrepreneurs.

Born in London, England, his nearly thirty year career in the field of communications and the entertainment industry continues to be an epic journey. Skillfully working with individuals and organizations to manifest their dreams, Anthony’s areas of expertise include:

  • conceptual development and creative direction
  • writing and publishing
  • marketing and communications consulting, including branding, ideation, public relations, and promotion
  • music and video production
  • talent development and management
  • production of high-profile international media events
  • agent and broker for authors, including Gregg Braden, Cyndi Dale, Chantal Monte
Snap-Shots of Success

Anthony’s professional background is a rich mosaic of positions, projects, accomplishments, and adventures. In brief, a few pertinent highlights include:

  • Senior Publicist for Llewellyn Publications
  • Contributing editor for EDGE Life newspaper
  • Executive Producer for Humanity’s Team Leadership Gathering, founded by Neale Donald Walsch
  • Director of Operations and Producer for the Foundation for Global Understanding
  • Director of A&R for the respected music label Tambourine Inc., spearheading the music for the first ever National Geographic World Music CD line.
Working with the Greats

In addition to being a seasoned speaker and author himself, Anthony has worked with many of the leaders in the entertainment and personal development fields over the past three decades. Some of his recent clients include Cyndi Dale, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Deanna Minich Ph.D., and Margaret Paul, Ph.D. As each of them can attest, it is with exceptional skill, ever-present humor, and life-changing insight that Anthony supports people in the development of their writing, speaking, publishing, and recording projects.

In the Media Spotlight

A popular guest on many radio and television shows throughout the United States, Anthony has appeared on WCCO, The Paul Gonzales Show, The Wisdom Channel, Blog Talk Radio, Co-Creator Network and FOX TV. He has also been featured as an authority in his field in Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, The Minneapolis Star and Tribune, Edge Life Miracle Journeys and The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Teaching * Speaking * Coaching

Anthony is an impassioned speaker and emerging teacher in the transformational field. Having spoken on stages throughout the country, he inspires others to seek and fulfill their true calling. He brings his many years of business and creative development expertise to bear on his profound approach to life enhancement coaching.

Anthony currently resides in Minnesota, and when not blinded by the freezing blizzards he is occasionally found staring at a snowdrift and dreaming of Bali.

To learn more, please visit: www.anthonyjwbenson.com


What people are saying about Anthony J.W. Benson…


“Anthony, thank you for sharing your wisdom with me. You always set me up to look good… what vision and expertise you have. You are a Producer’s Producer. Thank you.”
- Neale Donald Walsch

“Anthony is the model of a person who merges the invisibility of integrity with the visibility of ethical action.
Anthony has served in many capacities for my corporation over the last two decades, but the main title I would give him is helmsman. He truly pilots my company, its endeavors, and always toward success.”
- Cyndi Dale

“Anthony Benson has what is, in my estimation, the rarest of combinations: He blends artistry and creativity with tenacity and professionalism. His enthusiasm for the projects he works on knows no boundaries, but he has a discerning eye for quality, as well. I’ve worked the music business for close to twenty years, and this guy stands apart from the crowd. Believe me.”
- Scott Kellner, Chief Executive Officer, Tambourine, Inc.

“Anthony Benson has the wondrous ability to paint big picture possibilities and root them in “let’s-get-the-job-done- strategies”. His approach to product and business development is truly holistic – creative force, unwavering integrity, and results.”
- Danielle LaPorte, Author and Communications Srategist, founder, White Hot Truth

“It has not been the norm in my experience with the music biz to encounter a soul as deeply rooted in the ‘big picture,’ as nurturing to the artist, as patient with the universal flow as is the soul of Anthony Benson. Whatever Anthony does, he brings full devotion, love, expertise, and immense joy. (Maybe it’s all the soy chai lattes…) He has been very instrumental in helping to bring my career and entire artistic process to the next level. I consider myself lucky to call him a friend and colleague for life.”
- Holly Long, Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist

“Anthony is one of those rare human beings who combines high levels of creativity with getting the job done! He is clearly driven by a high sense of purpose and well-defined values that are used in ‘service of humanity.’ What I’ve most appreciated about working with Anthony is his unfailing belief in our joint efforts and his commitment to seeing unique projects come to fruition in ways that benefit our world.”
Nikki de Carteret, International speaker and author of Soul Power

“Anthony receives great joy in helping others manifest their dreams. He is a master at connecting like-minded people and is always looking for ways to benefit the people he works with and cares about.”
Margaret Paul, Ph.D., Co-creator of Inner Bonding and co-author of Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You? author of Inner Bonding.

“Anthony Benson is a Master at connecting people in the new consciousness. He has created amazing events that attract people from around the world to come and exchange ideas and that can create a new paradigm in a practical way and bring about change. He is a major key figure in the transformation of humanity and I feel fortunate to have worked with him. He has produced some of my music CDs with me as well as my autobiographical book and the feedback I always get is the best! I wish him only the very best and celebrate his unique creativity and his innovative Spirit! Thank you Anthony!!!”
- Bettine Clemen, renowned flautist, recording artist, and author